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Traditional Framing 

Over the years we have framed thousands of individual pieces of work. You can rely our vast experience of framing everything from "Limited Edition Prints", to "One off works of original art". We have framed Football Shirts, Family Photographs, WW2 Medals, MBE's, Special Cross Stitch works for the special first Grand Child, One Direction autographs, Rolling Stones LP's, Pinned Butterfly Collections, Jamie Reid "Sex Pistols" Posters, Viz Comics, large volume exhibition works, small volume student exhibitions

You name it, we've framed it, always to the standards you expect from professional Picture Framers.

We use traditional framing methods to ensure your personal works are housed in only the best quality frames, in the most appropriate way we can.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation which means we can advise you on the style, and standards to which your works are framed. We can also frame to the highest "Conservation Standards" to ensure your more valuable works are protected in the best way they can be.

Whatever your requirements, we have experience and can accommodate your requests.

Bob & Russell (The Saltburn Framing Company 2014)




Traditional Framing
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